DJ Jean-Marc's gigs


December 16th: Neo vs Tradition Battle #6Geneva, CH (with Nocturna)
December 1st: RESERVED
November 12th: RESERVED, FR
November 11th: Neolonga, Paris, FR
November 10th: RESERVED, BE
November 3-5th: RESERVED, FR
October 14th: La Catrina, Basel, CH (with Nocturna)
October 8th: 3rd Classilonga, St-Gall, CH
September 16th:
 Neo vs Tradition Battle #5, Geneva, CH (with Nocturna)
September 7-11th: Greek Neotango Marathon #4, Néa Mákri, GR
September 2-3rd: RESERVED, Paros, GR
June 23-25th: TangoRave #11, Bremen, DE
June 17th: Neo vs Tradition Battle #4Geneva, CH (with Nocturna)
June 10th: Milonga Côté Lac, Evian, FR (with Nocturna)
May 26th: La Vagabonde, Fribourg, CH (with Nocturna)
May 21st: Siena Tango Marathon, Siena, IT
May 13: NEOLONGA open air Place Vendôme, Paris, FR
May 6th: Milonga du Manège, Genève, CH
April 30th: Primavera Tango Festival #3, Sheffield, UK (with Nocturna)
April 22nd: Neolonguita, St-Gall, CH
March 19th: Milonga Bomboncito, Solothurn, CH (with Nocturna)
March 4th: Neo vs Tradition BattleGeneva, CH (with Nocturna)
February 25th: World Tango Congress, Amsterdam, NL
February 21: Tangótica, Buenos Aires, AR
February 18th: Secret Neolonga, Buenos Aires, AR

February 9th: Electrotango Festival, Buenos Aires, AR (with Nocturna)


December 31st: New Year Biathlon, Freiburg, DE
December 17th: Neo vs Tradition Battle, Geneva, CH (with Nocturna)
December 3rd: Neo & Traditional Weekend, St-Gall, CH
November 13th: Festival des Lumières, Lyon, FR (with Nocturna)
November 12th: La VagabondeFribourg, CH (with Nocturna)
November 5th: Neo vs Tradition Battle, Geneva, CH (with Nocturna)
October 14th: Neolonga EmpainBrussels, BE
September 8th-12th: Greek Neotango Marathon #3,
 Néa Mákri, GR
September 4th: Alternative Sunset Neolonga, Athens, GR
September 2nd: Tango Bar, Berlin, DE (with Nocturna)
August 27th:  Open-Air Tango-Kult-Festival, Riedlingen, DE (with 2 Nocturnas)
August 19th: Neolonga de Verano, Morges, CH
July 9th: Neolongita Deluxe, St-Gall, CH
July 8th: Milonga de Verano, Morges, CH
July 1st: Neolonga de Verano, Morges, CH
June 24-26th: TangoRave, Bremen, DE
June 18th: Neolonga Côté Lac, Evian, FR
June 17th: 1st Neolonga, Genève, CH
June 12th, Fest'yTango, Lyon, FR
April 29th: Neo Nights, Ludwigshafen, DE
March 27th-April 3rd: Snow Tango, La Plagne, FR
March 13th: Neolonga, Annecy, FR


December 26th: X-mas Special, Worldwide on
September 28th:
La Galicienne, Lausanne, CH
September 4th: Copa Loca, Basel, CH
April 4th: Project NFT Easter Neolonga, Melbourne, AU (via streaming)


October 31st: Halloween Party , Worldwide on
October 25th: CANCELLED
July 4-5th: CANCELLED
June 19-22th: CANCELLED
May 1-3rd: CANCELLED
April 3rd: Virtual Neolonga #5, Worldwide on
March 22-29th: CANCELLED
March 27th: Virtual Neolonga #4
March 20th: Virtual Neolonga #3 with VJ Andreas, Worldwide on
March 13th: Virtual Neolonga #2, Worldwide via direct streaming
March 7th: Invit DJ #1, Lyon, FR
February 28th: Lausanne Goes Neo #19 (mano a mano with Daniel "El Franchute" Acon), Lausanne, CH
February 14-16th: Tango Flow #2 (with Nocturna), Porto, PT
February 8th: Neolongita Deluxe, St-Gall, CH
January 25th: Expo Tango, Lutry, CH


December 6-9th: Festival Tango des Lumières #2 , Lyon, FR
November 15-16th: Copa Loca, Basel, CH
November 10th: Les Dimanches de la Platière #2, Lyon, FR
November 2nd: Saturday Neotango, Bristol, UK
October 30th: Street Tango, Mainz, DE

October 6th, SkiptonTango + White Rose Tango Nuevo Bal , Harrogate, UK
September 29th: Tradi VS Neo battle with DJ Inna & DJ Markus, Lausanne, CH
September 27th: First Classilonga in Switzerland, Lausanne, CH
September 12-17th: Greek Neotango Marathon #2, Néa Mákri, GR
August 30th: Neolonga de Verano #15 (mano a mano with Jens Stuller), Morges, CH
August 13th: Tango Experiential #3 (with Nocturna) , Fužine, HR
July 14th: Architango (mano a mano with Anna Neum), Lausanne, CH
July 13th: Neo-Milonga (mano a mano with Anna Neum), Basel, CH
July 11th: Milonga de l'Esplanade (mano a mano with Anna Neum), Yverdon, CH

July 5th: Neolonga de Verano #15, Morges, CH
June 21-23th: Neotango Rave #9, Bremen, DE

June 14-16th: Porto Neotango Marathon #1, Porto, PT
June 11th: Sunset Tango, Porto, PT
May 18th: Copa Loca (with Nocturna), Basel, CH
May 4-5th: Primavera Tango Festival #1 (with Nocturna), Sheffield, UK
February 15th: Lausanne Goes Neo, Lausanne, CH
January 11-13th: Tango and Blues Weekender, Torquay, UK
January 1st: New Year Neotango Explosion #1 , Paris, FR


November 23rd: Neolonga, Bern, CH
November 12th: Tango Trip Afterparty, Minsk, BY
October 6th: Neo Tango Party (with Nocturna), Antwerpen, NL
September 15th: Greek Neotango Marathon, Néa Mákri, GR

August 17-19th: Neotango Rave #8, Bremen, DE
August 11th: Architango (mano a mano with Anna Neum), Lausanne, CH
August 9th:
Milonga de l'Esplanade (mano a mano with Anna Neum), Yverdon, CH
July 29th: Architango (mano a mano with Jens Stuller), Lausanne, CH
July 26th: Tango Festival (mano a mano with Jens Stuller), Aix-les-Bains, FR
July 10th: Tango Experiential, Fužine, HR
July 6th: Neolonga de Verano #14, Morges, CH
June 16th: 2° NEOlonga (with Nocturna), Brussels, BE
June 8-10th: Partir entre amis, Honfleur, FR
May 10-13th: Festival de Metz, Metz, FR
April 21th: Beautiful Tango, Zurich, CH
April 13th: Lausanne goes Neo, Lausanne, CH
March 16h: Lausanne goes Neo, Lausanne, CH
March 9-11th: Tangobiathlon, Munich, DE
February 24th: Neolonga "La Catrina", Basel, CH
January 19-21st:
Tango Marathon, Nantes, FR


November 13th : Tango Trip Afterparty (with Nocturna), Minsk, BY
October 8th: NEOlonga #1, Brussels, BE

September 9th:  Neolonga Due Porte (mano a mano with DJ Elio Astor), Roma, IT
August 27th: Architango, Lausanne, CH
August 25th: Neolonga de Verano #13, Morges, CH
August 11-13th: Neotango Rave #7, Bremen, DE
July 6th: Neolonga de Verano, Morges, CH

May 14th: Virtual Neolonga #1, Honfleur, FR (live streaming from Lausanne)
April 7th: Neolonga, Hannover, DE
March 10-12th: Tangobiathlon, Munich, DE
February 18th: 2nd Neolonga (with Nocturna), Paris, FR
January 20-22th: Tango Marathon, Nantes, FR


December 3rd: Toulouse Neotango Marathon #1, Toulouse, FR
November 25-27th: Neo-Tango Marathon, Stuttgart, DE

October 9th: Neolonga im Tangoloft, Berlin, DE
[ ... ]


July 10th: Plaza Francia Afterparty, Mézières, CH
July 3rd: Milonga de Verano, Morges, CH
[ ... ]


February 5th: Milonga Trad y Nuevo, Lyon, FR